Graduate Student Drone Research Opportunity

Dr. Kashliev invites any interested graduate students to conduct research involving drones! You will fly drones and collect real-time data from them. The drones will be provided by the department. Optionally, projects could result in publications (published research articles). 

Option 1: do one of the below projects under Dr. Kashliev’s supervision, as a fun way to build your skills in cloud, distributed systems, data management, and visualization.

Option 2: do option 1 plus apply to get paid $750 for doing it: you would need to commit to turning your drone project into an MS  thesis under Dr. Kashliev’s supervision and apply for Graduate Student Research Support Fund, which provides a one-time scholarship of up to $750.

Project options (student’s choice of any of the following):

Project 1: Data management architecture for real-time drone data (load drone data into distributed systems like NoSQL, Kafka, ElasticSearch, etc). Optionally, build an app that is powered by these systems.

Data management could be scientific (for scientists), commercial (drone fleet dashboard, package delivery using drones), non-profit (emergency/disaster response), or government (nature parks monitoring, wildlife surveillance, etc)

Project 2: Drone data visualization using Tableau, OpenSearch Dashboards, etc. For example, visualize drone flight trajectory from the collected positional data.

Project 3: Design efficient NoSQL index to store drone-collected data.

Project 4: Suggested by the student and approved by Dr. Kashliev

The drones we will be using:

The data we will be collecting (drone position, drone acceleration, rotation, height, pressure, front range, distance to the ground, detected color of the ground):

Interested students should email or talk to Dr. Kashliev (it won’t be a commitment).