This lab is optional and extra credit: +10 points to the final exam (the exam will be 0-100 points so you are bumping up your final exam grade if you complete this lab correctly).

Create a sample web application that inserts and queries some data in the database. For example, you could create an application for a retail store storing documents about customers, purchases, products and their features. Or a book store. Or an application for registering for classes - allowing one to see a list of classes, enroll in a class and a separate "admin page" showing each class and who registered for it. Or any other field you like. Load some sample data into the database.

  • Your application must have at least two distinct pages, one of which must display information that is retrieved from the database backend, and the other allowing to insert data into the database in a browser window by filling out a form and pressing "submit" or similar button.

  • You must deploy your application in the cloud (EC2) using AWS LMS.

  • Once completed before the due date, email me and I will schedule a time when you will demo me your application. During the demo, you will provision an EC2 instance, deploy your application there and demonstrate how your application works.

    • If you finish after the due date, for each day there is a 1 point late fee. E.g., if you are 3 days late and your application works correctly, you will earn 7 points extra credit, which will be added to your final exam score.

    • The application's web-based graphical user interface (GUI) must look professional and neat. it should not look ugly or partially finished. More in class.

    • Additional requirements will be described in class.